Monday, June 1, 2015

Always an optimist

Good early Monday morning friends!
So let's talk a minute about life changes. Big ones. We've all been through them...marriage, kids, job loss, divorce, death. These changes are inevitable throughout the years and you either learn to deal with them or you crumble under the pressure. I'm a Libra. I weigh the good with the bad and try to see both sides of any situation. Honestly though, I almost always end up seeing the good/positive side of any situation.
This year has brought some changes for me and I know more are soon to come. I started a stricter fitness routine and meal plan. I didn't see this as "I HAVE to exercise more and I CAN'T eat this anymore". I saw it as I can't wait to see how good I feel and look! I'm gonna be sooooo healthy! This weekend I was fired from my job of 5 years. I didn't cry. I actually laughed. It had become a toxic environment of late and although I'll miss my amazing co-workers/friends there (and the discount on getting my hair colored) I won't miss the petty immaturity of the management. New doors are already opening for me! And if I have to be unemployed, summer is definitely the right time for that! Another big change for me is a new granddaughter soon! I'm more excited than I should be. This is the beautiful granny square blanket I made for our new little Reagan Lynn.

Maggie has always loved the color purple. When she was a little girl we would drive past that purple house on Home Avenue in North Hill and she would tell us that was going to be her house some day.  cant wait to welcome this new little one into our family. And now that I am temporarily unemployed, I will have plenty of time to help out.

I have finished a few crochet blankets already this year...and almost finished with this current one. Take a look!

This one was purchased by a co-worker at the salon. I have been cleaning my attic/sewing/craft room and reorganizing so that my daughter can put a bed up there and stop sleeping on my couch. The OCD took over and my yarn ended up organized by color...oops! So this blanket was born out of my leftover yarn stash. It was a fun one!
Hahaha! Crazy, I know.

This blanket in its beautiful dark green and white stripes was a gift for my gentleman friend. He is currently taking online classes with Ohio University. This is his Bobcat blanket. The top photo shows it before I bordered it.
The pattern was called Corner to Corner and it was a super quick one!

This is my current project. A beautiful pattern by Attic24 called Cozy Stripes. Once again I am using from my yarn stash. The colors have a real 1970s vibe. Someone has expressed interest in this one, but if that doesnt happen it will be for sale soon.
I have also been baking up a storm!
 Donuts for a co-workers birthday.
 Egg rolls for Easter dinner.
 Mini pumpkin breads for our Earth Month bake sale.
 Coconut Bundt cake (vegan) for Mr. Zubs Deli.
 Cookies for Zubs.
 Mixed berry cobbler (gluten free) for a birthday.
This gorgeous Blueberry Muffin Bundt cake. (Can you tell that I love Bundt cakes?) This one was for my friend Katie and her bridal party to enjoy at the salon while getting their hair done for her wedding Saturday. I am making another one today...for myself and family to enjoy!

Canning season is just getting underway. I have picked a little bit of rhubarb so far. Strawberries will soon be ready, mulberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries will follow. So excited! Gah!

 Hope youve enjoyed this little update. I will apologize, right now, that my keyboard wont type an apostrophe today. Silly thing but the grammar Nazi in me is really showing.

 Time for dishes, baking, chores and the gym. Thankful that I have all the time I need right now. Make it a fantastic Monday! Be creative. Be loving. Be strong. Be positive. <3