Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Fun Day!

Aren't you just craving spring? I know I am. It's been a long, very cold, very snowy winter here in Northeastern Ohio. Spring thaw will be welcomed. So to curb that itch I rooted a couple houseplant cuttings. I really do love houseplants! These will be off to a friend who has smokers in his apartment building. Anything to help purify the air.

What girl doesn't love shoes?! This week I became the proud inheritor (is that a real word) of multiple pair of designer vintage shoes and boots. It was like Christmas all over again!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Disappearing Act!

I'm sorry for my absence! It's February already and I don't really know where the time has gone. It's been a cold and snowy winter in Ohio and I feel like a bear. I just want to hibernate. So let's see what I've been up to, shall we?

I'm obsessed with this new CND shellac/Vinylux color! Mint Convertible. I could wear it every day! I also finished up this little crocheted Amigurumi unicorn for a special order. Cutie pie.