Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've been a canning machine!

 This year I've decided to try some new recipes along with the 'old standbys'. 0ne of the new recipes I canned today is corncob jelly. It's a beautiful pale yellow with a taste resembling honey. This recipe made much more than I expected so I will definitely have it for sale at the Akron Farm & Flea.

I made a scrumptious batch of vanilla-peach-bourban jam! Just look at that amazing color! The bourbon doesn't make it taste boozy, it just helps enhance the flavor of the vanilla. Yummy!

I made a second batch of honey candied jalapenos. These are also called Cowboy Candy. once you try them you'll consume them like crack. No joke.

Then I started on the tomatoes. I bought a peck basket of Roma tomatoes at the Haymakers Farmers Market in Kent. Two batches of Amy's tomato jam finished. It's one of my favorite recipes from Marissa's book Food in Jars.

Tomorrow I will share my recipe for Peach Jalapeno Jam.  It's worth waiting for, I promise!

Time for bed.  Sweet dreams!