Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is it spring yet?

I can't believe how quickly 2014 is passing by! And it's still so cold and wintery feeling :( Boo!
Even my Christmas cactus is confused! It bloomed again in February.

I've been to a couple shows this month. Went to The Kent Stage to see some friends play. The White Pines and Shivering Timbers. Fun times!

I made this gorgeous loaf of whole wheat molasses bread... baked in my dutch oven! Have you seen this recipe on Pinterest ? It's great and super easy.

I bought a new shelving unit and set up to start my vegetable seeds for this year's garden. Finally got the motivation and planted this afternoon. Tomatoes, peppers, basil, beans, spinach, cucumbers and sugar pumpkins.


Last weekend I made homemade broccoli cheese soup and then some Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie squares ...partially for a co-workers birthday treat and partially to share with my friend J who got me this sweet hook-up...

Front row seats for day drinking and Chelsea Handler book signing...yes please and thank you!

My friend, Rachel Roberts, started the afternoon with some entertaining music. She also is starring in a small theater production this month. She's a busy lady!

Last, but definitely not least, I finally got motivated enough to finish a sewing project that I started a month ago! Some brightly colored bumper pads for the ends of Little Evelyn's changing table. She likes to kick!

Working two jobs is really kicking my butt...please forgive my lack of posts lately. As things get more routine and the weather warms I'm hoping to be able to keep up more regularly. It'll be canning season before we know it! This spring and summer I'm excited to be able to teach some friends the basics of canning. Yay!!

Make it a great week. Tell someone you love them - they need to hear it! XOXO