Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life Gets Away...

Seriously guys. Life just gets so busy sometimes that I blink and its already February!

It's been crazy snowy lately and I have to admit that I love it! I shoveled the driveway Sunday in lieu of the gym (since I couldn't get out of my street). It took me 45 minutes or so and then we built a snowman! This was before he got eyes but the kids were so excited they kept shaking his twig arms and saying "Nice to meet you". It was flipping adorable.

I've been baking up a storm. You crazy Highland Square vegans sure do like desserts!

Instagram has been really interesting for me this winter. I have almost a thousand followers, many from other states and even other countries. I've sent handmade items all over the US this winter and that's kinda exciting :)

This beautiful box of citrus arrived from an IG follower in California....
Then this happened...
And eventually this! Delicious recipe from Marissa.
Meyer lemon marmalade with honey and vanilla. Yep. Canning season can't get here son enough for me! Actually, I might have to cook up a batch of mixed berry jam from the little leftovers in my freezer.
Experiments in gluten free baking...

Mostly successful and my celiac gentleman friend has a happy belly.

Saving the best for last...My baby is having a baby! Little girl is due June 28. <3 <3

I'm gonna try harder to update more regularly. We have lots of catching up to do anyway!
Tell your important people that you love them. I'll be back soon.