Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Funday?

My Christmas cactus is starting to bloom. It's a beautiful fuchsia color. When my father-in-law was alive he had the most beautiful Christmas cactus plants! I bet they were 20 years old. I always think of him when I see these bloom.

It's been a busy week again. I'm trying to learn the balance between working a full-time job outside the home and still finding the time for the things and people I enjoy. Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

I added a brand new tattoo this week! I've had this idea for months but had other financial obligations. Thanks to some really great sales at Crafty Mart I was able to set aside some fun money for this gem.
A huge thanks to Kyle for another beautiful and perfect tattoo. It's really so 'me'.

Today I slept in until 11am! Whoa, I was really tired. Then this happened...

I really enjoy French toast. I had a little bit of homemade maple-oatmeal bread so I soaked two slices in a mixture of beaten local, organic, free range egg and some organic almond milk. Added them to my hot cast iron skillet with some melted butter and sprinkled them with cinnamon.
Browned on both sides and served with home canned spiced pears and drizzled with the syrup from the jar. So warm and delicious. Add a cup of coffee and it's a perfect Sunday breakfast.

I've addressed and stamped my holiday cards for the mail tomorrow. Now I'm going to watch the Cleveland Browns game while I work on another Fox Scarf for a special order. I have a pretty big 'to do' list but I'll work through it one thing at a time.

I wish you all a peaceful and productive week. Remember what's important (especially in this consumer driven time of year) and spend your time and energy on those you love and care about.
Let's talk again soon!