Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back in the Groove!

Sorry I've been absent this week. Life gets so busy sometimes! I fell asleep and woke up in December. Here is what I've been up to....

Spent a day in the attic sewing. Finished about 30 burp cloths for Crafty Mart. Then I made a felt rice bag with a Velcro opening for a massage therapist friend of mine.

It was bittersweet week at work. Monday and Wednesday were my last two days at Simply Swank. It was emotional saying goodbye to co-workers and clients. I've been there for almost 4 years and have made some great friendships. Tuesday I started training at my new job.

Oh yeah....Thanksgiving was a thing this week! I had an early dinner (or late lunch) with my ex husband, all the kids and my mother-in-law. I'm glad we can still do family stuff.

I packed up a basket of home canned goodies for my mother-in-law. Applesauce, corn relish, and assorted jams and marmalades. I don't see her often and I know she'll think of me with these in her kitchenette.

I also finished up this little guy.
And I baked a loaf of this delicious maple oatmeal bread...

Then I priced everything, packed it all up. Made lists and checked them twice!

Saturday was Crafty Mart !! What an absolutely amazing, fun, exhausting day!
Vendors with great, locally made handcrafts. So many friends and acquaintances! Shopping small local businesses has never been so easy and fun. Picked up this for a friend...

I sold so many scarves and burp cloths and string art plaques. Enough to pay my rent and schedule a new tattoo! Whoo Hoo! Came home to babysit the grandkids, took a nap, ate some dinner, then changed clothes and went out to meet some friends for drinks and dancing.

Slept like a rock! If rocks really could sleep, at least. Today's mission was to finally put away the Halloween decorations, clean the house, and then put up the Christmas decorations. It's really only two and a half weeks until Christmas! I also made a batch of pumpkin thumbprint cookies for a friend's birthday and started some vegetarian tortilla soup in the crock pot. I'm feeling very accomplished. Last year I never managed to get holiday decorations up at all.

A good snow storm now is all I need to really get into the holiday spirit!
This week I'll start my new full time job, I'll get a new tattoo on Thursday, and I'll become a knitting machine as I restock just in time for the Last Chance Holiday Bazaar .One last time to shop local before Christmas. I'm planning on having lots of scarves and beanies ready. And maybe even some new embroidery hoops.

I hope your holiday season is shaping up nicely!    **Hugs**