Friday, November 22, 2013

Homemade veggie stock? Sure!

Last week I made a big pot of chili. It didn't last long around here. That's real talk!
As I was chopping the vegetables, making my pile of scraps for the compost, I decided I would save those scraps and make homemade vegetable stock. Why not?!

I added a couple extra carrots and some mushrooms to what I had saved and filled my pot with cold water. As you can see, I used celery ends and hearts, green and red pepper tops and innards, onion ends, a few garlic cloves and I think there were a couple zucchini ends as well. Brought it all to a boil, put the lid on and cooked for about 2 hours on medium. Then removed the lid and cooked for another 3 hours.

Then I strained it and put the broth back in my pot, turned on my pressure canner, and brought the broth to a boil. I ended up with a little more than 3 and a half pints of strong vegetable broth. Sealed my jars and processed for 25 minutes in the pressure canner.

No salt, no preservatives, just delicious veggie stock! Just in time for Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy! This is gonna be a regular occurrence in my kitchen from now on.