Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crafts, Plants and Music to my ears

It's Thursday already! How did that happen?

I spent Tuesday making these.  Tiny little brass brads hurt my fingertips after a few hours.

 I also cleaned up some Boston ferns that a friend had outside all summer. I couldn't bear to see them just thrown away! I inherited my love of houseplants from my mother. It's just not a home without some live plants. I remember trips to Kent Floral's greenhouse to buy tiny houseplants to plant terrariums in big 5 gallon water jugs! Oh, how I miss the 70s!

As long as I can keep the cats from eating them, things will be peachy!

Last night I had an awesome time experiencing a live Cat Power performance. I'm calling it a performance as opposed to a concert because...well, if you know anything about Chan Marshall then you know this talented woman has some issues! There were supposed to be two shows, an early one starting around 9 and a late one starting around 11pm. They finally got her out on stage around 10pm and she starting tinkering on the piano, rambling without the microphone, talking to fans in the crowd. Ticketholders from both shows crowded The Grog Shop and this was my view from the bar.

When she finally got singing she would do a good 3 or 4 songs in a row. That voice is absolutely beautiful! But someone from the crowd would yell something at her and that would cause her to lose track of what she was doing. The rambling would start again. She stayed on stage, playing guitar, singing, smiling, talking to the crowd, smoking cigarettes, drinking tea and beer until 2am! Little by little the crowd dispersed as the hours kept ticking away. Being the short girl that I am, I kept moving closer!

What a night.
Oh! And when I'm at the Grog Shop I always enjoy still seeing this on the bathroom wall...

Josie <3's Cortney was written on that wall a good 10+ years ago. Aww :) Memories of my underage daughter! It's kinda my throwback Thursday post! #tbt

Well, it's a cold, rainy November day today. I think I'm gonna make some vegetable stock to can and then work on some more sewing. Only 8 more days to get ready for Crafty Mart !!

Back to work!