Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hooks and Yarns

The past few days I've been sorta hibernating. I have so many projects that need finishing! But this afternoon I feel very accomplished. I've finished the 25 miscellaneous Granny Squares and am ready to start assembling this new blanket for my friend, Jessica! Jessica is one of the stylists at the salon where I work and she takes very good care of my hair -  In exchange, I make her fun things!  :)

This pattern is an African flower.
This pattern is called Sunny Spread and is available at Redheart .

This fun daisy square is available as a tutorial on a great blog called Tillie Tulip .I've made a few blankets just using this type of square.

Here are a couple other favorite squares I did for this blanket. You can find these and other great crochet patterns on Ravelry .

It'll take me a few more days of work to get these all joined and bordered and finally looking like a blanket but Jess will have a great Christmas gift to give to a loved one. That's really what my creations are all about...sharing love.

Share something you've created with someone you love!